Real Cheese 

What's up guys? I'm Myles.

A wise man once told me,

"You make the best damn mac n' cheese I've ever tasted."


So here we are.  

I understand the importance of quality comfort food and the emotional impact that comes with its indulgence. What better way to fulfill comfort than some home cooked mac n’ cheese? In our busy lives, not only do we want convenience, we want real quality ingredients.


8Myles is here to bring you a line of delicious

mac n' cheeses and sauces that provide you with the comfort you crave and the convenience you need.

8Myles Mac is the best...

just ask my mom

Gourmet Cheese

GMO Free

Hand Crafted


Our Proud Retail Partners

Yes! Organic Market

Odd Provisions

Union Kitchen Grocery

Open Door Market

Glen's Garden Market

Roland's of Capitol Hill


Streets Market




More Coming Soon!

Dawson's Market

Eddies of Roland Park

Leg Up Farmer's Market

Lauer's Supermarket

Graul's Market

David's Natural Market

Dawson's Market

Kings Food Market


Grape and Bean

Giving Tree

Whole Foods(DMV)

Davids Natural

Common Market

Whitehall Farms

Martindales Natural Market

Brooksville Supermarket

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